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Don't get caught sleeping with technology.

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Sleepy Lion Corporation

Sleepy Lion Corporation is an innovative technology company providing IT services, cloud computing solutions, and technology consulting.


Our team also provides e-commerce solutions, including hosting and domain services. We also specialize in home and business surveillance, electronics enclosures, and much more. Let us assist you and your team in leveraging technology.

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Don't get caught sleeping with technology.®

Sleepy Lion®



Software Development, Cloud Computing, Security Solutions

Plush Innovation®

Sleepy Lion®, Kryptosoft®, Plush Innovation®, and Don't get caught sleeping with technology.® are registered trademarks of Sleepy Lion Corporation

Sleepy Lion Corporation

Phone: (402) 608-2532

Fax: (402) 261-4020
2219 North 63Rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68505


Support: Sleepy Lion Support


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